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I am writing in reference to the company that has attended our yard over a number of years, the Hal Mark Company.  They have been very regular over these years and have always left our yard and surrounding area neat and clean. I am especially appreciative of their work over the 15 months that it took to sell our home. They did an outstanding job keeping the grass edged and mowed, but also kept the shrubs trimmed, the bark dust raked, and drive area clean. The home looked attractive all of that time and I believe it attracted a number of people who desired to consider its purchase. It is now sold and we have moved, again thanking the Hal Mark people for helping us maintain our yard, which contributed to its sale.

I would strongly anyone considering a yard service to consider the Hal Mark Company. They are the best.

Salem, Oregon (previous resident)

Jim Healy

Hal/Mark Inc Testimonials | Salem Oregon Landscapers

I want to thank you for your business acumen and your good employees. Christmas is coming soon and I would like to show my appreciation for the two fellows who do my garden work. I could ask them for their names but I do not want them to think I am filing a complaint, which could cause a bit of anxiety. I would not want that. So, would you please send me their names? In the mean time I wish you all a very merry Christmas and much success in the New Year!

Dayton Ballenger

Hal/Mark Inc Testimonials | Salem Oregon Landscapers

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Hal/Mark Inc Landscaping Services.

Tree Trimming and lawn care services for Salem OregonMy late mother, Sara J. Smith, used Hal/Mark Landscape to manage her outside landscape for over eight years. She lived in a house built in the early 1900s, and there were unique landscaping challenges as a result.

Mom found the services to be prompt and comprehensive, with time spent to ensure customization for her needs as homeowner. Hal/Mark Landscape worked with her schedule, formulated innovative plans to help lessen the burden during wintertime, and ensure comprehensive service in Spring/Summer/Fall. Mark spent time getting to know his customers and performed services with utmost care. Mom received positive comments from neighbors and friends on the condition of her landscaping.

I also engaged the company’s services when Mom past away in 2009 to help keep the property well manicured in preparation for sale. Once again, a careful and comprehensive plan was launched to ensure minimum risk to the estate yet maximum output of a clean, manicured land. Mark offered to do services that enhanced the property value and worked with me throughout the tedious process of finalizing the estate to complete my debt. I also received positive comments from several potential buyers.

I have enjoyed working with Mark, and know you will as well. He is genuinely interested in the comfort and satisfaction of his customers. He makes an effort to get to know their needs and provides unparalleled services above and beyond, making it unique and beautiful for you.

Leanna M. Harris
Successor Trustee for Sara J. Smith Trust

Hal/Mark Inc Testimonials | Salem Oregon Landscapers

Thank you very much for your service over the years. Your crew has done an outstanding job and will always be highly recommended to anyone I know. Thanks again.
Ron Sohn

Hal/Mark Inc Testimonials | Salem Oregon Landscapers

Yamasa Corporation landscaping services from Hal/Mark IncHal/Mark Inc. has provided landscaping service to Yamasa Corporation since 1994 when this plant was first built, first by assisting in the design and establishment of the current trees and shrubs, and then by providing weekly service to maintain the growth and appearance.

1995 to present I have personally found the employees of Hal/Mark, to be knowable and professional in both their appearance and behavior, and accommodating when asked to perform additional services.

Respectfully Submitted,

Leonard McMichael – Yamasa Corporation

Hal/Mark Inc Testimonials | Salem Oregon Landscapers

I am writing this letter as a recommendation for Hallmark Landscaping Services. We have been a customer of Hal/Mark for several years, and have been very pleased with the service they provide. We have found this company to be thorough, dependable and responsive.

Hal/Mark Inc , Salem OregonThe appearance of our grounds has vastly improved since Hal/Mark began providing this service. The lawn is well groomed, the shrubs pruned nicely, and weeds are kept at bay. The team is pleasant as they go about their work, and are careful not to disturb the residents and children that use our grounds.

We have always found Hal/Mark to be dependable. The team is always here when they say they will be, and complete the work each time. During different times of year there may be varying amounts of work to be done. They make sure they bring enough help during the busy times to get everything completed.

Lastly, when things come up unexpectedly and we ask for assistance, Mark is prompt and helpful with his response. He will problem solve with us and offer his expertise as needed.

For these reasons, I highly recommend Hal/Mark Landscaping Services. We have truly enjoyed working with this company. Please feel free to call me with any questions.


Emily Dazey
Executive Director
Providence Benedictine Nursing Center


Thanks for your excellent service at out duplex.  Certainly the best we got for the 3 services we contracted with!
Great work, On time, and very reasonably priced.

Dan Motley


Thank you very much for your service over the years. Your crew has done an outstanding job and will always be highly recommended to anyone I know. Thanks Again,

~Ron Lohn



Thank you again for the great job you did on our trees.
They look great!
~Barb & Earl


Halmark Inc. got here. Just wanted to tell you what a nice
Surprise it was to meet two guys who are so nice and personable
~Jim Moore



Thank you for taking care of the house & being a Wonderful encouragement during the process. You are a great guy and I know god will bless you in a big way for going above and beyond! You gave me peace of mind and that is priceless. You are greatly appreciated.


I want to apologize for the misunderstanding. The cleanup is
Beautiful and I am quite pleased. Also you newspaper ad is very true.
“A Christian maintenance company that cares!” Indeed you do.